The Do Better Movement – A Professional Development Initiative for Behavior Analysts

With the month of January coming to a close, now may be a good time to pause and reflect on your New Year’s Resolutions.

How are things going so far?

Perhaps you’ve encountered a post-reinforcement pause after coming hot out of the gates – if so, take heart!

In the words of B. F. Skinner,

“A failure is not always a mistake, it may simply be the best one can do under the circumstances. The real mistake is to stop trying.”

For our behavior analysts out there with resolutions revolving around professional development, this article may offer a bit of encouragement and direction.

Today I want to highlight the incredible work of Megan Miller, PhD., BCBA-D, and her team at Navigation Behavioral Consulting.

They have designed a training and professional development series that will take your behavior analytic repertoire to a new level in 2018.


Their initiative, known as “The Do Better Movement,” revolves around teaching a monthly topic of clinical relevance and providing weekly resources and community involvement opportunities.

Each month breaks down skills across the following formats:

Week 1 – Video post

Week 2 – Webinar

Week 3 – Blog post / Educational resources

Week 4 – Community Participation

The final week of each month serves as an opportunity for participants to share examples of how they are applying skills from the monthly topic over social media.


Do Better 2018 – Monthly Topics

January – “Think Better”

How to better observe and analyze contingencies surrounding behavior.

February – “Assess Skills Better”

How to better assess and analyze the needs of your learner. 

March – “Train Parents Better”

How to better train and collaborate with parents.

April – “Intervene Early Better”

How to better utilize research relevant to the population you serve to enhance early intervention efforts.

May – “Break out of the EBP Box Better”

How to better apply evidence based practice as a problem solving model to serve clients.

June – “Arrange the Environment Better”

How to better examine and apply best practice standards to the procedures in your behavior analytic repertoire.

July – “Break Down Skills and Analyze Data Better”

How to better utilize precision teaching to guide clinical decision making.

August – “Design Instruction Better”

How to better assess curriculums based on instructional design standards.

September – “Navigate Challenging Behavior Better”

How to better utilize advancements in assessment and intervention standards.

October – “Schedule Reinforcement Better”

How to better apply behavioral economics to enhance your professional practice.

November – “Address Feeding, Sleeping, and Toileting Better”

December – “Develop Play and Reinforcers Better”

How to better motivate the clients you work with and develop play skills.


If you want to become a part of the Do Better Movement, the first step is to connect with Navigation Behavioral Consulting on social media.

Next, invite your friends and colleagues to take part with you!

When we take the time to invest in our own professional development, we all Do Better.

To learn more about the “Do Better Movement,” click here to listen Megan on her recent appearance on “The Behavioral Observations Podcast.”


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